You can get more than tacos on Tuesdays

You can get more than tacos on Tuesdays

We’ve just mapped out a new plan to release products consistently and I want to clue you guys in so you know what to expect from us! We looked back the past couple years and realized we have been putting out a new design every 1-2 weeks! That’s kind of insane and we’re realizing that we’re so passionate about design and print that we haven’t kept up with the most important part... showing you guys what we’re working on! Most of those designs sell through in our store before they’re ever online and we want to make sure that doesn’t continue to happen.

So Tuesdays are where it’s at!
We’re going to announce a new design every other Tuesday, post about it that week and then release it a week later. So our cadence will be announce, release, announce, release and we can all be thinking Taco Tuesdays just became T-shirt Tuesdays, or Taco and T-shirt Tuesdays or whatever.

Limited Editions
Most of our online releases will be really limited. If you order on the release date you should be able to get the shirt of your dreams, but sometimes we’ll have to cut off orders based on how many we can get shipped quickly. We’ll do a second print run if necessary the day after the release to fulfill orders and restock our store and online shelves. Once those sell through then that product will no longer be available online but you may be able to still find it in our store on Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Tuesday's Gone (or is it really?)
One more thing... each year on Cyber Monday we’re going to have multiple new releases AND give you a second shot at grabbing something you missed during the year (not necessarily every design but a lot of them). We’ll print all of those designs after the orders come in so shipping will be delayed but we’ll give you a “guaranteed by” date so you can have them for holiday gifts! 

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