The Golden Ally

The Golden Ally

We’ve all had those moments when someone around us experiences a heavy loss.  There’s an awkwardness where you can’t find words so you say “I’m so sorry” or “let me know what I can do”, even though you know you really can’t do anything.  One of my close friends lost her dad at an early age and I remember that night like it was yesterday.  I just showed up and sat with her on the hearthstone of their fireplace with no way to offer any real help for the situation.  So we sat there, should to shoulder, completely speechless for what seemed like an eternity.  I think in times like these we just need to show up.  

There’s been a pit in my stomach watching the fires rage and the death tolls go up each day.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose family or friends from this or see my home and all my neighbors homes destroyed.  We’re located just south of the fire, close enough that the wind blows ash into the store, so I’ve been trying to figure out a way for us, as a brand, to show up.  It’s been so encouraging and inspiring watching all the people rally and volunteer in whatever capacity they’re capable. At first, I thought we could donate a lot of clothing but the Red Cross reported they were no longer able to take any more physical donations, but they’re still need financial help.

We decided to do what we do best so we designed and printed 100 of these shirts and will sell and donate 100% of the sales to Red Cross.  If we sell through all of those, we’ll continue to take online orders and donate 50% of sales for those.  

One of my proudest moments owning Vardagen was when we made shirts after the Boston Marathon bombing and through those sales we were able to donate almost $20,000 to The One Fund.  You guys are the ones that made that possible, we were just lucky enough to be the people to facilitate it.  We’re reaching out again to our generous customers to join us in this.  

Thanks for being a part of the Oposse!

You can order the shirt here

You can also text the word CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to make a $10 donation directly to the American Red Cross

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Thanks for your comment. We were unaware of this and will definitely look into it. We’ll probably have to make sure our customers are okay with the change just for transparency sake.


I absolutely love these shirts, and the intent to help. Thank you. I lived through the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa last year, and I have one small suggestion (not sure if feasible for tax purposes?). Most of us in CA who have dealt with The Red Cross and other “relief” organizations will tell people that if they want to help, donating directly to fire victims is the way to go. Shelters are full of people who need access to cash and basic necessities immediately and TRC puts up huge barriers to aid. It was a hard to watch it happen, and we’re trying to keep it from ever happening again. Connecting directly with shelters and donating gift cards is the way to go whenever possible. Otherwise, Charity Navigator is a great resource to make sure the funds you donate to 501©(3) organizations are used ethically and go to the individuals intended.

I hope I’m not overstepping here and again, I think this is so amazing. Thank you for doing this.


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