Must be nice...

Must be nice...

Remember sitting in biology class, entranced by your teacher describing prophase, telephase, and other additional phases while thinking "If only I could split myself in half so I could do my homework twice as fast!"?

Perhaps not. I know I doodled a lot in that class. It wasn't that science is boring, it's just a lot of heavy information to be dumped on you as a teenage kid. I digress. As an adult, the desire to be able to be multiple places at once can be intense. To be able to work your day job while also making it to the bank on time?! Read a book!? Take care of all errands before the throngs of other people hit the grocery store?! Wow, I really am an adult now. Didn't even mention video games in there anywhere. *Play video games?!
Granted... that's not exactly what mitosis is but stop digging so deep into the concept! This is a fantasy... a musing... and now that biology fantasy doodle is on a shirt, which is my job. Life has really come full circle, or some other kind of two-dimensional roundel. I think that's a geometry term, I doodled through that class too.


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