Making our online store experience similar to visiting our Venice store

Written By Jared Ingold - May 18 2019


Grace Johnson
September 23 2019

I’m not sure my 2 cents are best fit for the comments section of the blog…but thought I would share my perspective on making the website experience as profound as the in-store experience. I first learned of Vardagen because I was in the art department at Anderson University…Years later, half of what made my visit to the store so awesome was purely the location. Being a midwesterner, I’d dreamed about the essence/vibe/aesthetic of Venice, palm trees, skateboarders, everything authentic to the west coast. But the other half of what made it so cool, was just knowing where everything came from. Knowing, from sitting next to Daniel Jewitt in art history, that this amazingly quiet but brilliant artist sat somewhere and intentionally made every mark that makes up the image that is on the shirts, sweathsirts, hats, stickers, etc. And as a designer myself, knowing that it takes collaboration and mutual respect and hard conversations to really produce all this stuff…to take a kiosk in the Keystone Mall and make it something that can live on a global stage like Abbot Kinney…I wonder if through video (in an authentic sort of documentary style) you could work to showcase the story of how Vardagen came to be what it is today. Capture the heart, uniqueness, nerve and talent that goes into everything the brand puts out…Not sure if any of this makes sense, but open to chatting if it sparks anything for you all!

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