The Fognomenon of June Gloom

The Fognomenon of June Gloom

June Gloom

It’s not always sunny in paradise. The idea that SoCal is sunshine, palm trees and unicorns all year round is a common misconception. There are a few months before summer is in full swing where the weather is just mild and moody. This time of year is dubbed June Gloom (also called May Gray). As the air starts to warm up, the waters of the Pacific Ocean are still relatively cold, which causes clouds to settle over the ocean and creep onto land by morning. It’s pretty rough for the folks of SoCal... it may even cause some frizzing of the hair. But we all hang in there and our most recent design is inspired by this foggy phenomenon.

Printed on a gray, long sleeve tee, this shirt is perfect for going out in the elements and paying homage to this under appreciated time of year.  Now don’t feel too crabby, in fact most of the gloom clears off by mid-afternoon so grab some sunscreen and your floppiest hat and have a little fun. ⚡️

*We will also have this design as a women’s crop hoodie soon!

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