Don’t Worry, You Can Use Mine

Don’t Worry, You Can Use Mine

I know a lot of retail stores are pretty disinterested in their customers, but if you get a chance to visit our store in Venice, CA you may end up sharing (or oversharing) a lot about yourself.  We love hearing from you and it’s actually one of our favorite things about having a physical store, even though everyone advises against it these days.  

When we drop a new product we never know how it will connect with people.  Right now we have a collection of “normal things” and “abnormal things” going on and we’re careful to not over explain designs because we want people to just have fun with them and take them any direction their little hearts desire… and quite often people connect with our products in ways we wouldn’t even imagine.

We had a couple come in the store and they got really excited about our new “Brushing Your Teeth” crewneck sweatshirt.  They said “We’re definitely getting this one!” and “This might be TMI (it definitely was) but we share a toothbrush”.  

I’m not sure how well I hid my surprise but I’m not very good at pretending to be surprised or pretending to not be surprised, so I’m guessing my mouth dropped.  I sputtered out “oh, that’s cool…”, not really wanting to be dishonest but still a little stunned.  I guess I had a lot of questions swirling around that I couldn’t process fast enough.  “Why?”  “Why do they do this?” “Are they poor?”  “Is this the newest way to save the planet?”  “After no plastic straws, is ‘only-one-toothbrush-per-household’ next?”.  And on and on…

She was explaining something about a song they sing together as they bump hips and pass the brush back and forth, and then said “we might each get one”.  I almost freaked out.  At least one of my questions were answered…their sharing wasn’t over frugality.  

Play Rough or Play Dead, friends - and do whatever you want with your own toothbrush! 

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@jieul You’re right! We forgot to add that to the product description… I’ll do that right now.

@Beth Galloway You’re seriously one of our best customers and we can’t thank you enough. I’m so glad you shared your story with us! Customers like you really drive us forward to keep creating because we feel like there’s people excited to see what’s next and they’re getting enjoyment out of our work. I’m going to send you an email as well but we have a special deal for Cyber Monday where you can load up on previous designs that are sold out! Thanks for your loyalty friend!

Jared Ingold

I cant find where it says what the material is made of


Years ago, while attending Bands Across America, at Lucas Oil Stadium, my friend and I happened upon a Vardagen kiosk in the middle of a mall in Indiana. Our group of tour buses had made a quick stop to eat and we were told NOT to venture out and shop in the mall. Well, much to our delight, we broke the rule and found what has become my favorite….Vardagen!! That is how the love story, between this West Virginia girl and her friends, started with
Vardagen! Over the years, you can look and see how many purchases I have made from your awesome products! I find them eclectic, fun and comfortable! I have told everyone I know about you all! I also enjoying watching how you have grown and evolved over the years. Thank you for your excellent customer service and magnificent products. They make me happy, something we can all use more of in this world.
Wondering if you will get more of the Brushing your teeth sweatshirts, the Elephant sweatshirt(I would love to have five of those) and the brush off the dirt shirts. Let me know, I am looking forward to purchasing more items, especially for the holidays! Keep on creating! If this West Virginia girl is ever in Venice, I plan to stop by!! Much love from one of your biggest fans from Almost Heaven, West Virginia! I think finding you all in that mall in Indiana that day, was certainly fate!! After all these years, you keep creating and I keep buying!! Perfect!!

Beth Galloway

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