Do Better

Do Better

The new year is upon us and we get a fresh chance to go after big things!  Although I don’t know what your goals are and how successful you’ve been at achieving them, I do know that this year you can do better. We’re all in that same boat.

It’s not just a call to action, it is a mindset. It means that things will go wrong, we will come up short from our standards, but we won’t back down at all. We actually raise our standards and plan to do better to compensate for it. When we’re sidetracked we’ll quickly regain focus and set a plan to do better moving forward. If we feel like we’re held back because we’re lacking something like funding, help, etc then we’re going to get creative and still find ways to make improvements. Even if it’s incremental it will add up over time. 

It’s been a long road building Vardagen but whenever we look back and see our progress we’re filled with motivation to keep going. If you’ve followed us for a while you’ve probably seen our ups and downs. We’re such a small team that we struggle with things as simple as posting regularly and getting all of our products listed on our website. Every part of our business can be improved but that’s the exciting part about it. We have lots of work to do... work that we’re passionate about and love. When you build something from scratch you see every problem and, over time, you get to see every problem solved. 

Here’s what to expect from us this year: better products, faster order fulfillment, better communication and overall more transparency.  We’ve made our fair share of mistakes and have plenty more to make but we’ll be right with you and we’ll all strive to do better

Play Rough or Play Dead,


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