Confessions of a Habitual Social Distancer

Written By Daniel Jewett - March 26 2020


April 29 2020

Right on! I have been known for not leaving the house for four days in a row, over long weekends, and I constantly had to defend myself – now I’m going the distance and haven’t left for ten days! And I just can’t believe the number of invites I receive to jump on Zoom for all sorts of virtual social activities. I don’t have that kind of time AND I am not feeling isolated. Sure it’s kind of weird to get grocery delivery and wipe everything down – it’s a bit OCD, but, I’m not chomping at the bit to run outside or join virtual happy hours, yoga sessions, communal art lessons, concerts, etc. Don’t get me wrong – it’s great that others are offering these outlets for the socially disconnected distancers. But frankly, not being forced to socialize is a relief for once. If only the extroverts who push introverts out of their comfort zone could finally understand – now that they’re ordered to keep their distance – that they are now experiencing a version of the hell that’s imposed upon introverts, for their ENTIRE LIVES, not just during a pandemic.

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