Come Print with Us!

Come Print with Us!

Print Your Own Tees - Vardagen

One of the biggest events in Venice, CA each year is the Abbot Kinney Festival.  It's a fun day of street vendors, food trucks and music.  The past two years have been so wild for us so we've barely been able to think a week ahead to do anything special for the event.  This year we’re planning to setup a small manual screen printing press and show you guys how to print your own t-shirt!  We'll be setup right in front of our store (1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd).

I’m really excited about this event because my team back in Indianapolis will all be here!  So come meet them, print your own shirt and grab some something delicious from one of the food trucks!

Also, I’m kind of obsessed with this design Daniel made for our canopies!  This is exactly how my arms felt back in the early days of Vardagen when we’d print all night in my garage.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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