Keep Going - an Outdoor Adventure

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Who’s haunting your house harder right now? You? Or actual ghosts? They’re probably annoyed that you’re doing their job better than them. You know, moaning, wandering the halls, moving things around in the kitchen with no particular purpose... there’s no actual reason for this question, just wanted to make a funny observation........

Funny how things happening around you can change your perspective on stuff like... say... an alien abduction.  2019- "Probably rather not..." 2020- "Probably, why not!?"

Cozy Ghost



It’s good to keep your ghost warm. Apparently, the likelihood of them sticking around increases when they are cozy. Get too cold and they drift off looking for somewhere more comfortable. Also doesn’t hurt if they feel like their meat suit looks cool, so we addressed that as well.

Printed in puff ink on a comfortable, mineral-washed hoodie, sweats, and shorts, this little creep will stick close to you as long as you don’t let your significant other borrow it- never to be seen again (the hoodie, not your SO hopefully).

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Hoodie + Sweats


Hoodie + Shorts