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Who’s haunting your house harder right now? You? Or actual ghosts? They’re probably annoyed that you’re doing their job better than them. You know, moaning, wandering the halls, moving things around in the kitchen with no particular purpose... there’s no actual reason for this question, just wanted to make a funny observation........

Funny how things happening around you can change your perspective on stuff like... say... an alien abduction.  2019- "Probably rather not..." 2020- "Probably, why not!?"

Brushing Your Teeth

Size: XS

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Ever think about how weird it is that you scrub your mouth bones with a little brush on a stick at least once a day? Bet you will now.

Throw this squishy sweatshirt on when you crawl reluctantly out of your warm bed and then just leave it on for the rest of the day. Just don't drip toothpaste on it...

Fit: Unisex