Work to Death (Home Edition) - Black


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Fit: Unisex

7.2oz 100% Heavyweight cotton

Made in the US


Hard work is hard. Hard work while tucked away in that room in your house that was meant to stash all the stuff you don’t know how to get rid of but can’t stand looking at that now serves as your office is even harder. Welcome to the Dance of Death: Home Edition!
Work to live to work to live to work to live to work without ever stepping foot outside your domicile.

This large, woodcut style illustration is printed in waterbased ink on a heavy cotton tee. It will adequately soak up all your tears AND stray salsa that dribbles out of your mouth as you stare at memes on your lunch break. Break from what? Life? Work is life now. Life is work now. What are days? Where am I? Has Thanksgiving passed already?! The shirt is also cut a little oversized, so if you want your tees snug, order a size down. If you want to curl up fetus style inside of it, maybe order a size up?

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