A Note on Change

A Note on Change

I can hear Ozzy’s voice sounding unusually subdued but still sincere as the words “I’m going through changes” play through my mind. Change can be a vulnerable place to be, stepping out of some mode of comfort or familiarity to make an adjustment in your life. Confidence may be a little shaky and questions bombard your thoughts as you prepare to make the shift to whatever is next.

Interestingly, there is probably always someone that wants what you are leaving behind and would consider it an upgrade to their life. That’s why I try to be mindful of all the phases I have passed through (and Vardagen by extension) as it really brings into focus how far I’ve come despite how slow things can feel now and then.

Sometimes you change on our own time and sometimes you are forced to change by circumstances. Sometimes someone destroys your mural* and you need to replace it but maybe that’s what it takes to keep moving forward when you get buried in the day-to-day workload! Not saying we want people destroying our murals, it isn’t THAT helpful. Thank you.

-Daniel (VDGN Designer)

*The above image is from our store on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California where we sell our t-shirts. This mural was designed to replace our previous mural (Pineapple Guardian) that was heavily vandalized. If you're ever in Los Angeles, stop in and let us know the blog sent ya!


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